Ferran Adrià Disapproves of Your Coffee

A recent poll shows most readers add cream and sugar to their cup of joe

Ferran Adrià Disapproves

A couple weeks ago Ferran Adrià, of now-deceased, ever-glorified elBulli, straight up dissed 63 percent of our readers when he said, “Good coffee doesn’t take cream or sugar... All those who have cream in their coffee don’t know anything about coffee.”

In our recent poll, only 21 percent of readers drank their coffee black. In fact, most of our readers (31 percent) had their caffeine fix with cream and sugar; 23 percent of readers only added cream, and 9 percent only added sugar. The other 16 percent of readers don’t drink coffee at all.

Still, these numbers aren’t surprising. In the interview, Adrià noted that most people add cream, sugar, or both to their coffee. “Very, very few people take their espresso with no cream and sugar,” he said. “One has to have a very big barrier to avoid going mad.”

To be fair, most Americans probably visit Starbucks, one of the top three restaurant chains in the United States. And Starbucks coffee is hardly considered top-notch coffee; it can be argued that the brand made a splash with sickly-sweet frappuccinos rather than good espresso. The mere sight of a Starbucks cup causes coffee snobs to faint, for goodness’ sake. Perhaps that is why Starbucks is considering expanding to juice.

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