Ferran Adrià’s elBulli Exhibit Now Open in London

The Spanish chef showcases his avant-garde cuisine at the Somerset House

Ferran Adrià eyes the French bulldog made out of meringue at his Somerset House exhibit.

Ferran Adrià, the renowned chef of the now-closed elBulli in Catalonia, Spain, has opened his new museum exhibit at London’s Somerset House. Adrià’s exhibit, called “elBulli: Ferran Adrià and The Art of Food,” gives us a look at the innovative gastronomy made in the restaurant’s kitchen and laboratory.

elBulli, which had three Michelin stars, closed in 2011, and will reopen in 2015 as a nonprofit center for chefs as well as a museum. The London exhibit is a preview of the future museum at Spain’s elBulli Foundation, according to NPR’s The Salt.

The exhibit will showcase the experimental techniques and innovative food that Adrià and his team made at elBulli. There will be a multimedia presentation of the history, research, preparation, presentation, and press coverage of elBulli. The dishes are made of plasticine models, and therefore are not edible, but the visuals may be enough to make us wish we could have dined at the famed temple to experimental cuisine.

“Even though the restaurant of elBulli is now closed, the spirit of elBulli is still very much alive and this exhibition is one of the ways of keeping it so,” Adrià said of the exhibit. “Overall, it is an ode to the creativity, imagination, innovation, talent and teamwork of everyone at elBulli, but especially the world-famous chefs who trained with us and took these values into their own restaurants around the world.”

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The elBulli exhibit is open until September 29th in London, The Salt reported, and it will later be displayed at Boston’s Museum of Science, Moscow, and other cities.