Feadship Sea Owl Boasts Big Customization and Even Bigger Security



Feadship finally released a video to showcase their new 203.5-foot Sea Owl, giving us all a look at the lavish exterior and a teeny glimpse inside (and I mean it, it's little). With a top speed of 16 knots and enough room to accommodate 12 guests, this luxury yacht harkens back to the classic lines of superyachts, all while boasting an elaborate security system. It just so happens that this vessel also brings the whimsy of childhood back to you like a cannon blast — all specially customized for the client.

According to Boat International, Andrew Winch was inspired by Peter Pan when designing the ship's interior. From the fanciful child quarters to the staff cabin decorated with frescos of fossilized seashells, the details in the décor are stunning. Of course, what would a Pan-inspired vessel be without a pirate room? Found on the lower deck, this swashbuckling-themed room is right next to a room with scenes from Alice in Wonderland displayed on the walls.


Though childlike innocence certainly seems to be the main source of inspiration for this yacht, it certainly doesn't seem kitschy in any way. The playfulness is offset with a sophisticated execution and materials, resulting in carved ornate murals on Peruvian mahogany and intricate frescos on the study ceiling. The spa pool on the sun deck even has a shark grinning at you from the walls below the water!

The owners are going to have to keep this superyacht protected, which is why Feadship installed an excellent onboard security system. According to Yachting Magazine, the system is possibly the most elaborate ever seen on a yacht — though specific details are being kept quiet to maintain the owners' privacy.

We can only hope that Feadship releases a more in-depth video exploring all the amazing customizations, but judging by the private clients, it may never happen.