Favor, a Food Delivery Service, Comes to Austin

Unlike others, Favor is a downloadable app that can deliver food at the tip of your fingers

The app Favor has launched in the Austin area, and it’s growing their in popularity. Creators Zac Maurais and Ben Doherty took their initial success from California, where they first debuted the app and completed over 1,000 deliveries. 

The app opens with a customized list of the most popular restaurants in Austin, although customers can ask for any restaurant they want, because Favor does not limit the places where you can order from. Once a request is placed, “Favor Runners” will go out, pick up your food and promptly deliver it to you in bright blue tuxedo shirts, and each delivery has a $5 flat fee plus tip. The service works through a free downloadable app on iPhones, with an Android version in the works. 


“Favor chose to relocate to Austin because of its strong tech community and its great food,” Maurais said. As of now, Favor really only serves central Austin, but they are trying to quickly expand out of Austin into the greater Texas area. Favor’s main headquarters are at the University of Texas at Austin at the Longhorn Startup camp.“Favor is working to build strategic partnerships with [many] restaurants,” concludes Maurais.