Fast-Food You Can't Find in America Slideshow


Chicken Rice Porridge at McDonald's

McDonald’s restaurants in Malaysia are certified halal, so no pork products are offered. However, chicken is on the menu, and it comes in many forms — from nuggets to the much-better-sounding chicken strips in rice porridge served with scallions, sliced ginger, fried shallots, and chiles.

Nacho Whopper at Burger King

How this came to be served at Burger Kings in the Netherlands is anyone’s guess, but the mashup of beef patty, nacho chips, jalapeño, Mexican sauce is on the menu. Will you see it served in a trendy American restaurant next?

McWings at McDonald's

At McDonald's in Singapore, crispy chicken wings come with the standard McNugget-friendly sauces, as well as hot mustard and chile-garlic sauce.

Sausage Egg Twisty Noodles at McDonald's

You have to applaud this straightforward, easy-to-understand dish served at McDonald's in Hong Kong. And no, it’s not a lunchtime favorite — it’s intended for breakfast.

McSpicy Paneer at McDonald's

Since beef is sacred in India, a crunchy, fried block of paneer dotted with mustard is tucked inside a bun and served as an alternative. 

Croque McDo at McDonald's

The burger stand has swapped out beef for ham in this grilled cheese sandwich offered up at McDonald's in Belgium and France. Yet they have kept the hamburger bun bookends. Come on France, how about brioche?

Bacon Butty at Burger King

What's worse about this Burger King breakfast selection in the United Kingdom — the name, or the ingredients: bacon, ketchup, and croissant?

Congee at KFC

KFC owes much of its successful integration into Asia to the fact that it offers local foods on its menu. In China, this rice porridge balances out Colonel Sanders’ best.

The Frosty at Wendy's

A Frosty? "But," you say, "that’s common in America!"


Sure, the malted, frozen ice cream treat may make an appearance in a cup, but in Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore they serve the Frosty in a sugar cone filled with chocolate. Take note, America!

Shrimp and Mayo Roll Crust Pizza at Pizza Hut

Because stuffed crust wasn’t exotic enough, Pizza Hut in Japan swung for the fences with this crustacean and condiment combo.