Fast Food You Can’t Find in America

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KFC congee, the Croque McDo — what else can you only find at your fast food favorites overseas?

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

KFC congee, the Croque McDo — what else can you only find at your fast food favorites overseas?

The McRib, Chipotle's chorizo, the Shamrock Shake, the McLobster Roll — there are plenty of hard-to-find, seasonal, and limited-edition items at fast-food joints across America. But there's an even longer list of niche sandwiches and greasy delights that are impossible to find, at least if you live in the States. McDonald's, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken may be symbols of American culture and capitalism, but more and more, as they make inroads in overseas markets, they're really becoming global brands. That's given rise to some interesting crossover.

McDonald’s can, and practically has, put “Mc” in front of almost every food around the world and claimed it as its own. Outside the United States, they have conquered the paneer sandwich (a McSpicy Paneer), the chicken wing (McWings), and the croque monsieur (Croque McDo). These regional favorites served alongside burgers and fries appeal to the tastes, traditions, and religions of that particular place.

But it's not just the Golden Arches offering items exclusive to its international outposts. Other fast-food joints serve plenty of food items that aren't available domestically. Did you know that in China, KFC serves rice porridge as well as fried chicken? That in the Netherlands, Burger King pulls Mexican flavors from out of left field to concoct the Nacho Whopper? What else can you find at your favorite fast-food joints around the world that you can't order from a drive-thru at your local outpost? You'll have to consult this list.  

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