Fast Food Lobster Rolls

The national chains turning out lobster sandwiches
Lobster Roll Friendly's
Maryse Chevriere

Lobster Roll Friendly's

Lobster is one of those ingredients that you don't expect to see on the menu of a fast food chain — the health risks associated with shellfish, and the expense are major factors to consider. But just this morning one of our editors spotted a sign outside a Nathan's Famous outpost advertising their lobster roll sandwich during his commute. But Nathan's isn't the only fast food chain serving up lobster. 

• McLobster at McDonald's: Some McDonald's locations across coastal New England and parts of Canada offer the McLobster sandwich as a seasonal menu item. The roll features pieces of Atlantic lobster meat mixed with McLobster sauce, described as a creamy cross between tartar sauce and plain mayo.

• Lobster Salad Sandwich at Au Bon Pain: The nationwide chain began offering lobster salad served in a croissant this spring. Their advertisements boast a ¼-pound of lobster and mayo in every sandwich (for context, the famed Red's Lobster in Maine boasts more than a full lobster on each roll).

• Lobster Roll at Friendly's: The national fast casual chain offers a lobster roll with coleslaw and French fries for $11.95, although it has been reported that the lobster in the sandwich is mostly claw meat. 

• Lobster Sandwich at Panera Bread: This sandwich is available seasonally at Panera Bread for $16.99, including a bag of potato chips. One review claims that the sandwich has chunks of lobster mixed with mayo and topped with lettuce. 

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