Fast Food Restaurants Looking to Offer Booze

Big name fast food joints like Burger King and McDonald’s may soon be offering alcohol along with their meals
Starbucks Blog

Take a look at the new Starbucks Evenings offerings, which include wine and beer. Will Burger King and McDonald's follow suit?

Wine with your Whopper? Tequila with your Taco Bell? Sounds weird, but this may soon be a reality. According to Business Insider, you’re going to start seeing a lot more alcohol offered on fast food menus in the coming years.

Alcohol has already been a success with Starbucks’ Evenings programs, which serve wine and small plates after 4 p.m. and will be expanding across the nation in the coming months. Beers and margaritas have been sold at select locations of the Mexican fast food chain Chipotle for the past couple of years. You can even get beer at select Burger King or Sonic locations (namely, the super-busy or touristy locations like in Times Square). Steak and Shake also offers beer and wine at their locations.

So, what prompts the current trend? Business Insider says that fast food restaurants are trying to stay relevant and of course, make more money by offering alcohol and breakfast programs.

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