Farmers Springfield, Missouri..where have you been all my life?

Farmers Gastropub Springfield, Missouri

I've been a gardener for a LONG time and a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 34 years.  Only in recent years has it become fun to try to go out to dinner in Springfield without having to ask the wait staff to leave meat off a main dish or "substitute with beans." Oh, that gets old!

We now have an amazing restaurant in downtown Springfield, MO that is such a breath of fresh aire, I can hardly contain myself! 

The Farmers Gastropub is committed to bringing locally-produced food to the restaurant table.  Local hormone-free grass fed beef, hen eggs that taste the way eggs should, local fruit and vegetables, local breads, local wines...get the picture now?

That's one thing to offer this fare.  It is a great concept in and of itself because it helps local farmers make ends meet. 

It's another thing to pull off turning those base products into TOTALLY AMAZING meals! Now, let me say that they have meat in their main dishes, but there's always something for us vegetarians and even the vegans can get a good meal there.  The staff is more than happy to make sure you are accommodated!

My favorite meal I've had there was the mushroom and lavender soup! I KNOW, RIGHT? Believe me, it's to die for!


AND....the owners are really nice people, too! Expect them to stop at your table personally and introduce themselves.  You'll dig Bill's British accent.


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