Famous Fictional Couples on Valentine’s Day


Are you going to be alone this Valentine’s Day? If yes, then don’t dwell on the inevitable tears and box-of-chocolates-freak-out (can anyone say, Legally Blonde?). Spend the alone time with your favorite fictional couples this V-Day to find out what they’re eating. It’s like reading fan fiction, but for foodies.

Lumen and Dexter (Dexter)

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I like to pretend that Lumen never left. To be frank, this macabre couple will probably be drinking coffee and eating brains while stalking their prey this Valentine’s Day dinner. Vigilantes in love forever.

Aang and Katara (Avatar: the Last Airbender)

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This youthful couple can be seen flying, surfing or defeating other laws of physics. For Valentine’s Day Aang might surprise Katara with a trip, via Appa, to the Fire Kingdom to eat some fire crackers. Or maybe they’ll buy cabbage from the poor Cabbage Man, who’s stand they continually knock over.

Walter and Skyler (Breaking Bad)

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Had to do it. Photo courtesy of imgur.com

How about a helping of lies with a side of contempt please? They fight a lot but they’ll definitely be eating on V-Day. Breakfast, anyone? Walter Junior is the Breakfast King after all. For V-Day lunch they might pick up Los Pollos Hermanos, reminiscing about the good ole’ days. Wait, were they ever good?

Romeo and Juliet (Romeo and Juliet)

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It was a short lived love, literally. And that concludes my attempt at iambic pentameter. If these star-crossed cuties weren’t dead, they would be celebrating Valentine’s Day by hittin’ a burger joint. The fancy balls didn’t work out because well, who wants to worry about their families killing each other while trying to enjoy V-Day? Buzz kill.

Mario and Peach (Nintendo 64)

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Stumbling across stray coins as usual, Mario plans to buy a meal of turtles, stars and mushroom heads for the special day. Most likely however, Peach will get kidnapped before reaching the main course. So much for V-Day.

Callie and Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy)

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Despite all the tragedies they’ve endured, theses lovely ladies have a good chance of enjoying a normal V-Day dinner; until they’re called into surgery of course. Looks like it’ll be hospital food for Valentine’s Day, again.

Peeta and Katniss (The Hunger Games)

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Peeta is pretty excited about V-Day 2014. To accompany the burnt bread and tree bark, Peeta is surprising Katniss with a squirrel he killed by throwing a boulder on it. So romantic.

George Michael and Maeby (Arrested Development)

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The “cousins” will likely spend V-Day with the family while George Michael creates an excuse to make out with Maeby. What’s for dinner during the cousin’s date? Bananas from the Banana Stand, of course.

Still alone on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, if a dysfunctional group like this can still find love, then there’s probably hope for us all.

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