Chicken from What Diabetics Should Eat for Dinner (Slideshow)

What Diabetics Should Eat for Dinner (Slideshow)

These 8 foods will help you stay healthy and social if you’re living with diabetes



A lean protein low in calories, versatile and if eaten with a carb, will serve to slow your body's breakdown of the meal.


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This is a low glycemic food so diabetes friendly. Lentils are full of fiber, vegetarian, inexpensive and despite being a carb, typically diabetes friendly.

Tuna and Salmon

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I love chunk light canned tuna and wild salmon for their omega three fatty acids known as DHA. These essential omegas have been studied and are associated with decreasing depression as well as inflammation.


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Not only is broccoli high in antioxidants to prevent damage from inflammation associated with diabetes, but you need to eat three cups of it to equal 15 grams of carb.

Sweet Potatoes


Even baked potatoes are starchy vegetable. Choose these when you want a large volume of food but not an excessive amount of carbs. You could have 1.5 cups of sweet potato instead of 1 cup cooked whole wheat pasta.

Dried Beans

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Beans are considered both a carbohydrate and a protein. Being high in soluble fiber makes them a filling food while also being heart healthy.


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Tomatoes are great for adding flavor, color and phytonutrients without affecting your blood sugar. 1.5 cups of Cherry tomatoes with a cheese stick make a great low carb snack.



Known as the ‘super grain,’ quinoa is a higher protein grain. This grain is especially helpful for vegetarians who have diabetes and are trying to meet their nutrition needs without spiking their blood sugar.