Auburn University Tailgating

Photo Modified: Flickr / Auburn Alumni Association / CC BY 4.0

What's the Best College for Tailgating? You Tell Us!

Help us decide which college is the best for tailgating by letting us know your thoughts
Auburn University Tailgating

Photo Modified: Flickr / Auburn Alumni Association / CC BY 4.0

There's always so much color and so many celebrations at Auburn's tailgates.

All across the country, colleges are back in session. And along with the textbooks and the weekend keggers, a new schoolyear brings something else with it: college football and tailgating.

But which college is really the best for tailgating? It’s time to show your school spirit and pride, and vote for alma mater or favorite college town as the best place to drink beer, kick back with barbecue, and maybe watch a ball game. For the fifth year running, we are relying on your opinions to decide which school really deserves the top spot in our rankings.

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For the last three years, Louisiana State University took the No. 1 position, but will this college maintain its top position this year? Or will other favorite football schools like the University of Michigan, the University of Alabama, or Ohio State overtake them?

To vote for your college, we need you to nominate your school and tell us about its tailgating atmosphere, traditions, and the overall experience. We know that the population of a school or the quality of its football team is not the only determining factor — it’s also about the food, the comradery, and how big the party really is. So we want you tell us all about it.

Take a look at last year’s list and help us shake up our rankings. This is a new year, and we’re sure there’s some new changes we need to know about. We can’t wait to see who comes out on top.