What the Beer You Serve at Your Party Says About You

In honor of National Beer Day 2017, find out what your favorite party beverage means


Brown ale, IPA, or cider? The brew you choose says so much about you!

In celebration of National Beer Day, we looked at nine types of beer that one could serve at a party. Then, we analyzed what your favorite brew to serve (or drink) — either for National Beer Day or for any gathering or celebration — means about your personality and party-throwing habits.

Do you prefer small gatherings? Big blowouts? Are you an inclusive host, or do you prefer to put your preferences before your friends? The answer lies within your favorite brew. Find yours below!

American Classics
You don’t want to deal with any nonsense, and your friends don’t either. You know that the best things in life are simple, like a cold Bud Light and watching a good ol’ football game on TV with your friends.

Brown Ales
You’re not worried about popularity, and you revel in enjoying things that are slightly more obscure than the things your friends enjoy. When it comes to your party-throwing habits, you prefer a low-key night.

While obviously not technically a beer, serving hard cider at your party shows you’re willing to be accepting of all walks of life, including those with a gluten intolerance. You’re light on your feet, easygoing, and not worried about getting as drunk as possible during one single evening.

Craft Lagers and Pilsners
You’re a people-pleaser. You like to have something special for your guests to enjoy, but you also don’t want to offend anyone by going too crazy with experimental brews. You throw big parties and invite practically everyone you’ve ever met, and every guest leaves with a smile on his or her face.

Hoppy-as-Heck IPAs
You’re a hop head and craft beer lover, and you want all of your friends to be as passionate about microbreweries and the various types of hops and malts as you are. Once you start talking about beer, you can’t stop — so much so that your cold pint might grow warm before you finish it.

Imperial IPAs and Stouts
You’re out to impress everyone with your intelligence and passion for obscure brews. But you’re not boring or snobby — you want everyone to have a good time. And the sky-high ABVs of these beers will get the job done in a jiffy.

Schwarzbiers and Altbiers
You’re sort of an alienating personality and a little bit odd, but those who take the time to get to know you love you dearly. Your parties are less like blowouts and more like intimate gatherings of a few close friends.

Sour Ales and Goses
Some may describe you as sassy and tart, and others may think you’re the sweetest person on the planet. It really just depends on your mood. You like to shake things up with your party menus and enjoy those nights where you can wander outside.

Stouts and Porters
There are few things more pleasurable to you than having an intelligent conversation while slowly sipping on a brew. Your parties are filled with one-on-one chats, and you revel in this.