Use These Flowers for Simple Spring Arrangements

Welcome the warm weather with these beautiful flowers

You’ll love these bright and beautiful flowers.

Believe it or not, spring is here, offering a fresh and inspiring array of new flowers. Boston florists rely on the giddiness of customers who have waited for months to see the snow disappear. In the beginning of March, Exotic Flowers’ coolers are wiped clean of winter floral staples and revamped into a visual presentation that is sure to inspire anyone who walks through the doors. We select varieties that express the rebirth of spring in New England and utilize species accustomed to these seasonal changes. Although we continue to carry roses and hydrangeas year round, our business concentrates on the regional changes of floral agriculture. With suppliers both local and international, we can provide clientele with a higher range of creativity and originality within our pieces, and pride ourselves on expertly swapping the color, texture, and fragrance of our selections. Although there are thousands upon thousands of spring blossoms to choose from, we certainly have our favorites to look forward to.

Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are available for export into the United States for a good portion of the year from Holland and Japan, but these delicate beauties put on their best performance during the spring.  Sometimes referred to as the queen of annuals, they are also cultivated throughout the state in both professional greenhouses and recreational gardens when the climate is temperate.  Our buyer hunts for shades that will fit both the customary pastel spectrum as well as ones that will pack a “pop” of color when mixed within bouquets.  Lavender, purple, peach, hot pink and red are the most requested colors that turn an everyday arrangement into a masterpiece.


Hyacinth is high on the list during our weekly runs to the Boston Flower Exchange because of their sweet fragrance, their capacity to fill a vase, and the interesting texture that the bulb manifests.  They rank as one of the most-requested flowers during the months of March, April, and May, partly because of tradition — they are associated with New England gardening — and partly due to the sheer enjoyment of watching the unique bells open within vases. These popular beauties are ordered more than any other early farmed flower.


The floral business is driven by spring weddings, and peonies are just the trick for providing brides with dreamy, breathtaking bouquets.  Deriving from the Paeonia family, the heads accentuate a sensational aroma from dainty petals flowing from the center (shades of pink are the most fragrant) that overlap one another to appear as cushioned as a puffy blanket.  We love the “cabbage size roses” because they’re grown in every color, with the exception of blue, and are frequently offered by nearby growers — which explains their longevity.  Top varieties that we adore are Sarah Bernhardts, Red Charms, and Coral Supremes. 

Some fun facts: We often use peonies in our special arrangements for new mothers because they are said to cure pain associated with childbirth.  Those couples heading towards their twelfth anniversary should also take note, since the peony is the floral symbol associated with this impressive milestone.

Are you ready for the new season of flowers? 

Exotic Flowers:

by Rick Canale, florist on BloomNation and Owner of Exotic Flowers in Boston, Massachusetts


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