Unique and Chic Escort Cards Slideshow

Take a Key..

Unlock the secret to where your sitting and who's sitting at your table.

Sweet Tooths

Who can deny a cupcake upon arrival? No one, that's who.

50 Shades of Ombre

Simple, subtle, yet bold—these multi-hued cards are sure to pop against any surface for guests to see. 

The Grand Branches

Talk about making a statement. Hang escort cards from ribbons and tree branches for the ultimate grand setting.

Oneophile Love

Here's another DIY project: collect your favorite corks from wines that you've drank together and create these by simple creating an indent in the cork for the paper to fit into. 


Is it a hot day? Have guests grab a cold soda before they start the festivities and find their table.

Handkerchief or Pocket Square?

That is the question. Find a vintage print you love and gift it as a keepsake instead of a table card.

Photo Swap

Take a card, snap a photo, and swap—it's an immediate guest book!


Love the sea? Make it a DIY project and pick driftwood along the beach to create this shabby chic look at your event.