Failed Restaurants

These 25 Celebrities Tried to Break Into the Food World — And Failed

Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean you’ll always be a success

Just because you’re a successful musician, actor, director, model, or comedian, that doesn’t mean you’ll be a successful restaurateur. You may sell millions of albums or bring in big bucks at the box office, but you may find that nobody wants to buy your line of frozen meals or energy drink. Just because you love steak, fruit gummies, or Cajun cuisine doesn’t mean everyone else will follow suit. Celebrities try to break into the food world frequently… and they usually don’t make it.

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Sure. You have successful celebrity restaurant openings, like Nobu or Planet Hollywood. But for every successful food venture, you’ll have two or three restaurants that totally and completely bomb. Remember Britney Spears’ Nyla? Steven Speilburg’s Dive!? Jennifer Lopez’s Madre’s? Yeah. We didn’t think so.

And beyond restaurants, slapping your name on a food product may come from a good place, but not every celebrity can have a successful food empire like Jessica Alba or Gwyneth Paltrow. Smokey Robinson tried to use his soul music roots to launch frozen pot roasts, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino sold $25 “couture” lollipops, and who can forget Donald Trump’s line of Sharper Image steaks?

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