These 12 Panini Sandwiches Are Perfect for Your Next Party

You’ll love these paninis at your next occasion


This turkey panini will be a hit at your next party.

You may look at a panini (or a panino, as an Italian would say) and think, “Oh, it’s just another sandwich.” But it’s not — for one thing, paninis are always grilled, and they’re made with non-sliced bread, like ciabattas, baguettes, and michettas. This sixteenth-century Italian-born sandwich is perfect as a starter or dessert for your next party. We’re sharing a few recipes you may want to serve.

These 12 Panini Sandwiches Are Perfect for Your Next Party

We love make-ahead dishes and dishes that are easy to create, and paninis are both of those things. Panini grills like the Oster Duraceramic Panini Press make creating a panini effortless.

If you want to kick off your party with a savory finger food, the Super Club Panini with Grain Mustard should be your go-to. It’s juicy, a little salty, and tasty, of course — and it pairs well with the glass of Champagne with which you greet your guests.

Let’s not forget about dessert. Paninis are not just savory sandwiches; they are perfect a post-dinner treat. Take this incredible Nutella Panino, for instance. Yes, the Nutella craze has changed the way we eat desserts forever.

We’re sharing a few panini recipes to help your next dinner party go off without a hitch.

Buffalo Chicken Panini

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This panini is tailgate party perfect. At your next tailgate, bring this out of your arsenal as a signature creation. Your guests will thank you.

Click here for Buffalo Chicken Panini recipe.

Cuban Panini

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A Cuban-style panini is an easy way to change up that ham and cheese sandwich you’ve been eating since third grade. By adding a couple ingredients that are probably already in your fridge, you can make a jealousy-inducing sandwich that looks more like restaurant take-out. 


For the Cuban Panini recipe, click here.