Potato chips

Taste Test: 10 Top Potato Chip Brands for Game Day

What chip is a real touchdown?

No party is complete without potato chips. This classic, simple party snack is everything you could want: salty, crispy, light, and easily eaten by the handful. So we had to ask: What top potato chip brand is the best for all of your entertaining needs?

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Though it may seem like all chips are created equal, anyone who has accidentally grabbed a bag of one brand when they wanted another knows that is simply not the case. There are small yet important differences in potato chip brands. From the salt factor to the oil factor to how crisp, thick, and crunchy any given chip is, there are wide differences.

So to see what potato chip brand reigns supreme for your game day needs, we scoured the streets of Manhattan to buy 10 bags of the top potato chip brands. Though we limited the flavors to simple, classic salt, we did not discriminate regarding whether the chips were kettle-cooked, ridged, or even stacked in a can. We simply bought 10 bags of highly popular potato crisps.

Then, we gathered 11 staff members of The Daily Meal to snack on the potato chips in a blind taste test. They were asked to rate the chips on a scale of 1–10 based on flavor, saltiness, mouthfeel, and party appeal. How did your favorite chip shape up? Click here for the results of our potato chip taste test.