A Spooky Halloween Table Idea Slideshow

1. Get Your Supplies Together

Assemble your pumpkins, tape, and paint first. You'll need a day or two to allow the pumpkins to dry, ideally, so plan ahead if you can.

2. Tape the Pumpkin Stems

To make sure no paint gets on your pumpkin stem, wrap painter's tape around the stem tightly to keep it clean.

3. Spray-Paint the Pumpkins

Make sure each pumpkin is thoroughly covered with paint. Let the pumpkins dry, ideally, for two days.

4. Before and After

It's amazing what a little shiny, black paint can do.

5. Set a Burlap Runner Down the Table

Keep things natural and let the fabric fold over on each other. Scatter the pumpkins along the folds.

6. Add Candles

For ambiance, add ribbon-wrapped candles to the arrangement. To wrap the candles, simply cut segments of ribbon to fit around the votives, plus an inch. Use a piece of double-stick tape to secure the ribbon.

6. Add Spiders

For a little horror to the gold and black scene, add spiders scattered around the scene. For a surprise, add a spider on the side of each plate or fork.

7. Set Each Place

When setting each place, keep things simple with white dishes. Place a pumpkin at each place, using a small piece of parchment to protect the plate, if the enamel is a bit tacky.

8. The Finished Place Setting

The gold pumpkin can also double as a place card if you set a small card with the guest's name on top!

9. The Finished Table

Dinner anyone?