Popchips and Tailgating Slideshow

Ceviche with Chili Limón Tortilla Popchips and Bud Light

Usually the fish in a ceviche is trimmed into large chunks, but for scooping up this tangy-sweet version with brightly flavored and spicy Chili Limón Tortilla Popchips, I’ve trimmed the fish into small cubes, 1/4- to 1/2-inch in size. The result not only makes a ceviche that’s perfect for scooping, but also a speedy version that "cooks" in the fresh lime juice in less than an hour.

All-Beef Chile Colorado with Nacho Cheese Tortilla Popchips and Shocktop

A Tex-Mex style chili is all about the meat and the chiles. Layering the different types of chiles adds depth and a rich heartiness, a perfect foil for Nacho Cheese Tortilla Popchips, which become a crunchy base for each bowlful. Throw a handful in each bowl and ladle on a generous scoop of the meaty chili. A sprinkle of sharp Cheddar cheese echoes the flavor of each chip and makes this a real meal.

Crab Dip with Ranch Tortilla Popchips and Stella

Sweet and delicate crabmeat in a creamy sauce with a dash of lime highlights the tanginess of Ranch Tortilla Popchips. The buttermilk in the dip echoes the buttermilk flavor of classic ranch, and the jalapeo offers color and bite. While fresh crabmeat is always delicious, this recipe works equally well with frozen.

Grilled Chicken Cemitas and Garlic-Chipotle Love with Salsa Tortilla Popchips and Goose Island 312

These hulking sandwiches are like Mexican subs overstuffed with all sorts of goodness, bursting with flavor, and topped with a mind-blowingly delicious sauce of roasted garlic pured with smoky chipotles. Have a lot of napkins on hand! Salsa Tortilla Popchips bring a crispy counterpoint to all the juicy sandwich fillings and a bright flavor that can withstand everything going on inside that bun.