Phone Cases for the Food Fanatic


Pop Tart

Flash back to childhood with this nostalgic treat!


Sushi Roll

Are you a California roll or a spicy tuna? Represent your taste!

$30.94 Sears

Coffee beans

Represent your adoration for the world's most consumed "drug" with this case.


Berries Galore

Sweeter on fruit than candy? Show off your love for market fresh berries.


Burger Case

Burger maniac? Celebrate the ultimate American sandwich.


Represent the vegetables!

For the more health-conscious eater, stay motivated with these healthy foods on your phone.


Show off your chef skills

For the upcoming chef or master home cook, show the world you know what you're doing in the kitchen.


Can't forget peanut butter

Can't forget peanut butter. Who can't smile having a Reese's in their bag all the time? Warning- this case may induce extra chocolate cravings.


Ice Cream Sandwich

Fresh your mind with this treat in the midst of the summer heat


Get cheesy

Can't depart from your cheddar? Swiss? Parmesan? Now you don't have to!