An Over-the-Top Burger Bar for Your Labor Day Party

Make your signature burger this Labor Day weekend

An Over-the-Top Burger Bar for Your Labor Day Party

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The burger is an American classic, ground beef on a bun with the usual condiments. This Labor Day, though, when hosting your burger bash, create a burger bar full of additions that your guests will be talking about forever. Remember, everyone loves options, so give them lots to choose from.



Avocado is one of the most popular burger additions right now. It’s great if you’re making a California-style creation.



Thanks to Dale Mulder, bacon has been a burger topping since 1963. It’s one of the more popular choices, and your burger bar wouldn’t be the same without it.



Don’t go with a traditional burger bun. Elevate your burger bar with toasted sourdough bread, a kaiser roll, or a sweeter choice like a King’s Hawaiian bun.

Caramelized Onion

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I like to think a burger just isn’t a burger without the sweet taste of caramelized onions. When onions are grilled or sautéed down, they gain an intensely tangy flavor.


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You don't have to include lobster, a smoked duck egg, and gold leaf to the caviar like the Glamburger at Honky Tonk diner in London does, but a little caviar (which of course doesn’t come cheap),would definitely taste good.


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Don’t limit your burger bar to just American cheese — we all know it’s not the real deal. Blue cheese, mozzarella, gruyère, Brie, or smoky Gouda will elevate your spread.

Fried Egg

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Yes, that’s right: The fried egg revolution is still trending. Let your guests top their burger creations with a delicious over-easy egg.


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Surf and turf beyond the original steak and grilled lobster. Make a lobster salad and encourage guests to top their burgers with the delicious taste of Maine.

Onion Rings

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There’s something about topping a burger with a beer-battered fried onion ring.  And it’s heaven with a splash of smoky barbecue sauce.


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Feeling inspired by Hubert Keller’s decadent truffle-topped FleurBurger? This expensive topping — black ones are available in cans all year long — is probably only justifiable if you’re serving Champagne at your Labor Day party. But you are, aren't you?