Host a Burger Bash

In honor of National Burger Month, here a few tips for creating the ultimate party for the best sandwich around
Host a Burger Bash
MaddyCakes Muse

If you haven't gotten the memo yet, it's National Burger Month. Yes, as if May doesn't have enough festivities already, it's also a nationwide ode to our favorite summer fare. 

While burgers are great in our book all year round, they are widely celebrated in the warm-weather months when the grill is hot and the pool is refreshing. To kick off this monthlong celebration of such a beloved sandwich, make a summer holiday party (Memorial Day, Father's Day, Fourth of July, etc.) into a burger bash.

Create a menu of different signature burgers and give them creative names like "The Crunchster" or "Bacon-Bombed," with signature drink pairings like a spiked milkshake or a fruity fizzled soda. Coordinate a Build-Your-Own bar for guests who are a little more hands-on.

For décor, go retro and make your party space look like a classic '50s burger joint with old signs, paper burger wrappers, a milkshake station, and throwback jukebox tunes.

As for dessert, make every choice a "burger." Sandwich assorted ice cream flavors between big cookies and pile them high with condiments, burger style — and do the same with s'mores, cookies, and brownies.

Heat up the grill, get a little condiment crazed, and you have yourself a good time!

For more ideas, head to our burger bash board on Pinterest.