An Over-the-Top Burger Bar for Your Labor Day Party

Make your signature burger this Labor Day weekend
onion rings

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There's nothing like beer-battered onion rings.

The burger is an American classic, ground beef on a bun with the usual condiments. This Labor Day, though, when hosting your burger bash, create a burger bar full of additions that your guests will be talking about forever. Remember, everyone loves options, so give them lots to choose from.

An Over-the-Top Burger Bar for Your Labor Day Party

Over the past few years, the hamburger has evolved tremendously. Chefs, home cooks, and pitmasters alike are adding innovative toppings to make their burgers even more desirable. One of the most expensive burgers in America is the FleurBurger 5000, found at Hubert Keller’s Fleur in Las Vegas for a whopping $5,000. It’s topped with foie gras and black truffles and encased in a truffle-infused brioche bun.

While you don’t have to serve truffles with your burger, we do have some suggestions, truffles included, for shaking things up. Create labels for your burger bash with the really cool Fiskars Tag Maker to let your guests know exactly what they’re using to top their classic sandwich. You can even make tags with burger topping suggestions — for an avocado BLT burger, for instance, add avocado, bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. The suggestions would be perfect for your less creative guests.

Read on for a few accoutrements you should feature on your burger bar this Labor Day.



Freshly sliced avocados are great for your burger bar.

Avocado is one of the most popular burger additions right now. It’s great if you’re making a California-style creation.



Thanks to Dale Mulder, bacon has been a burger topping since 1963. It’s one of the more popular choices, and your burger bar wouldn’t be the same without it.