Oscar Night Party Cocktails for a Low-Cal Award-Winning Night

If you can’t hang out with the stars, you can still look like them on Oscar night
Oscar Night Party Cocktails
Coco Joy

Enjoy these low-cal cocktails on Oscar night.


Just because an event is glamorous it doesn’t mean that it has to be over-the-top. Sometimes simplicity is best, and this couldn’t be any truer for an Oscars party. Combining fresh and simple ingredients can sometimes make for the best bites and sips for a lavish soirée, and can help you cut back on the exorbitant calories that come with those over-the-top dishes. To help you stay on track, we pulled together delicious cocktails that will keep you red carpet-ready.

Awards Show Season: Sweet Alabama Tea Cocktail

Want to sip on a light and refreshing cocktail guilt-free? Try this sweet tea cocktail that you can sip all awards show season long.

Total Calories: 80 per drink

Oscar Night Cocktail: Red Carpet Rum Punch

As you watch the celebrities line up on the red carpet, sip this cocktail and you’ll feel just as glamorous as they do on Oscar night.

Oscar Winner Cocktail: Picture Perfect

Want to be an Oscar winner of a hostess? Make this low calorie cocktail and your guests will nominate you every year.

Total Calories: 105 per drink

Awards Night Cocktail: Leading Lady

Need a guilt-free awards night cocktail that would be fit for a leading lady? Try this bubbly and sweet drink that won’t pack on the pounds.

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Total Calories: 140 per drink