Lisa Frank Food Art (Slideshow)

A peek inside the Lisa Frank vault reveals her love of color and food

Lollipop Sticker

Even in the early days of Lisa Frank, you can find traces of food. These 1980s vintage stickers show the crazy sweet side of Lisa Frank, with an epic ice cream cone and a bear on a lollipop. For $12 you could own this sticker set. 


Another vintage favorite, this classic gumball sticker is so iconic, there is a life-sized statue of it in Frank's office. Bubbles, gumballs, and bright colors were all a lady needed back in the day, and you can have the chance to stick this classic beauty to something you cherish for $4. 

Fruit Trio

While girls were obsessed with owning Lisa Frank lunch boxes and diaries, it really was all about the stickers. This fruit trio sticker is a classic one that little ladies would use to decorate everything from their art boxes to the notes they’d pass in class. If you just "gotta have it" again, you can buy this vintage item for $10.99. 

Junk Food

Pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream cones, oh my! Lisa Frank sure knows a thing or two about junk food. We love the sherbet-like colors and bursts of popped corn kernels that make this piece of art good enough to eat. 


Who wouldn’t want to take a trip to planet ice cream? This brightly colored explosion of sweets shows off Lisa Frank’s attention to detail, as the cosmos are all made up of tiny, brightly colored candy sweets. 

Puppy Sundae

This was every '90s girl’s dream of a "hot date." Two adorable puppies are soaking up some sun and sharing a melted sundae for two on a postcard. You can own this piece of Lisa Frank for only $4 via Etsy.