13 Cocktails To Make This Labor Day

Oh summer, you've left us all too soon. It seems like just yesterday we were gearing up to make tiki cocktails and drink all the beer back when Memorial Day came around. Now, we're bundling up just a bit more and preparing our tailgate-ready cocktails and beers. 

Click here for the 13 Cocktails to Make This Labor Day (Slideshow)

But just because summer's ending doesn't mean you can't make one last tiki-riffic boozy treat for yourself. Now's the time to make your shandys, your variations on a gin and tonic, and most importantly, all the rum cocktails your little heart desires. And we don't want to give away too much, but seriously, you need an Upside Down Pineapple Cake cocktail because, well, it's awesome. And oh yeah, a flaming shot — but we'll get there. 

If you're not whipping up a great brunch cocktail or Bloody Mary this long weekend, well, you should be. But once the sun goes down, we'll be sipping on everything fruity and refreshing. Because soon enough, we'll be ready for our whiskey-filled, spicy, and winter-ready cocktails. Not that we don't love those. It's just that we need a proper goodbye for summer. Click here to find 13 Labor Day-ready cocktails to make this weekend.