How to Make Your Wedding More Delicious

Love food almost as much as you love your betrothed? These ideas will send your heart a-flutter

Try These Delicious Ideas

There are more ways to make your wedding delicious than adding truffles to the menu or indulging in the naked wedding cake trend. Go all out with a themed candy bouquet centerpiece or take a subtler approach with personalized cocktail shakers. There is no end to where you can sneak tasty treats, delectable details, and appetizing accessories into the décor of your wedding. Don’t worry: foodie features can be tasteful, too.


Flowers are everywhere at weddings: boutonnières, corsages, bouquets, and even table arrangements. Stand out from the crowd and incorporate fruits and vegetables into your floral arrangements — even in that big bridal bouquet. If you and your guests are sweet-tooths, candy or chocolate bouquets for tabletop decorating — and grazing — could do the trick. 


Centerpieces are vital to wedding décor; they are the focal point of your tables and reinforce the theme of the party. Skip traditional floral displays and opt for something edible. What could be more delicious than cupcake topiary, cake pop trees, or even pretty mini cakes? Thinking of going green? Try a crudité centerpiece or arrange fruits and vegetables at the center of your tables.

Food paint

OK, maybe those spring green asparagus do not match the color scheme at your wedding, but you’re really digging their shape. Use some edible food paint to make different foods blend in with your theme. Are you a glitter guy or gal? Use Disco Dust on edible accents for more bling on your wedding day. 


Drinks flow aplenty at weddings. Make the glasses stand out and the drinks that much more delectable. Rim glasses with sugareither in colors that adhere to your theme, or to enhance the aesthetics (and flavor) of the drinks themselves.

Ice Cubes

Ice Cubes

Make your wedding day libations special with exciting and delicious ice cubes. Add frozen fruits, like grapes and berries, or flavored ice cubes — using lemonade, for instance — as cooling agents and flavor boosters. Keep things floral and freeze edible flowers in ice cubes for a pretty accent.


Your invitations and save-the-date reminders definitely set the mood of your wedding. So start on a yummy note with tasty save the date chocolate bars or munch-able cookie invitations. Let your guests know that good food awaits them.


Surprise your guests with an edible menu made from chocolate. It can’t get much tastier than that. 

Reception Activities

Reception Activities

Delicious DIY food activities during your reception can be the frosting on the cake — or cupcake, if you have a cupcake-decorating bar. Customizable treats, like ice cream sundaes, bruschetta, and drinks, make for fun reception activities. Food trucks across the country do events, so bring in one of your favorites for your big day. And how could you go wrong with a cotton candy machine? 

Seating Cards

Tasty escort cards help make nervous table partners more comfortable. Milk and cookie escort cards, mini fork truffle seating cards, or unique chocolates make for a sweet start, while a cocktail shaker with a customized recipe will keep the party going. Bundles of fresh herbs or infused olive oils also make for tasteful place cards. 

Table Accents

Table Accents

Table décor can be pretty to look at and tasty to eat. Get creative with fruit: try a tangerine runner or personalized fruits with wedding monograms or family crests. For a savory table piece, consider a cheese cake made with your favorite cheeses or opt for potted edible plants or edible flowers when decorating tables.

Wedding Favors

Guests should get to leave with a little something, too, so give them a memorable and yummy wedding favor. Cookies make sweet mementoes, especially when they resemble the wedding cake or look like the couple’s favorite foods — like French fries. Other sweet favors are cupcake jars or recipe jars filled with all the dry ingredients needed to make your favorite treats. Individual basil or rosemary plants or bags of gourmet coffee make for hip favors, while giant marshmallows with customized images are more offbeat, but still delish.