How to Make Gravy 3 Different Ways

Learn how to make gravy for an easier Thanksgiving
How to Make Gravy

You’ll love these easy recipes for learning how to make gravy.


A Thanksgiving table is nothing without the gravy. The Thanksgiving turkey, the mashed potatoes, and even the stuffing all practically beg to be bathed in delicious gravy. The secret to making  the best Thanksgiving gravy  is rather simple: have a recipe in mind. Whether you use turkey pan drippings or spice it up with unique flavors, your Thanksgiving gravy can come out perfectly every time. Try out these simple and delicious recipes for a flawless Thanksgiving dinner:

Shallot Pan Gravy Recipe

Shallots are roasted along with the bird, and then incorporated into the delectable pan gravy.

Mushroom Gravy Recipe

This mushroom gravy recipe is perfect for Thanksgiving. It is simple to make and different from your ordinary gravy.

Turkey and Pan Gravy Recipe


The secret to this exceptional turkey and gravy recipe is an old-fashioned, inexpensive, enameled metal oval roaster with a lid, found in most supermarkets. It simultaneously roasts and braises the turkey, so the meat stays moist even as it cooks quickly. Uncover the pan at the end to crisp the skin. This recipe has been adapted from the 2011 Gourmet Live Holiday Special Edition.