10 Great Stuffing Recipes

Try these stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving

Ten amazing stuffing recipes, from classic to twists.

There are so many different ways to make stuffing, with tons of regional and family-specific variations across the country, so there is really no "right way" to make it. And, everyone seems to have their favorite recipe that they use in their home over and over again for Thanksgiving each year.

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Though stuffing can seem complicated because of the many steps involved and the time it takes to put it together, it’s really actually quite easy. It’s just a mix of bread, vegetables, lard, butter, or stock, and seasoning. (And of course whatever else your taste buds tell you to add to it.)

When it comes to stuffing, there are good stuffing recipes, and then there are great stuffing recipes. And we’ve rounded up our 10 favorite great stuffing recipes. Some are more traditional, like the classic cornbread stuffing recipe, and others riff on traditional ingredients, like the chestnut and brioche stuffing. We also included out-of-the-box recipes like the Honeycrisp apple, Comté, and black truffle stuffing, and ones with the traditional Italian combination of sausage and herbs.


Forgo the stuffing mix this year and make it from scratch — we promise that your labor will be more than worth it, and hope that you will find your new favorite recipe here.