How to Make Brunch for Your Mom on Mother's Day (Slideshow)

Check out these egg-cellent brunch tips

Breakfast Casserole

Nothing feeds a crowd better than a casserole. This egg-filled breakfast casserole is perfect for family gatherings and holidays like Mother’s Day!

Bell Pepper Frittata

This egg frittata is full of fresh bell peppers and makes for a healthy breakfast. Mom will love that you made a smart choice for her brunch meal.

Breakfast Burrito

Is mom more of a laid back lady? For a hearty breakfast, try this egg-filled breakfast burrito that will keep mom (and the whole family) fueled for the day. Serve with a side of spicy hash browns for an extra delicious meal! 

Deviled Eggs

Sometimes a classic is essential. Remember, a brunch is just an early dinner party, so having breakfast-themed appetizers is totally acceptable. Deviled eggs are timeless, and can be tweaked to your family’s tastes! 

Denver Omelette

This quick and easy breakfast winner looks a lot more complicated than it is. But be careful: mom might expect you to make breakfast every morning with this tasty meal. 

Eggs Benedict

Does mom enjoy the finer things in life? Make her this super fancy looking (and extremely simple) eggs Benedict dish. It will knock her socks off! 

Bacon in Eggs


Chocolate chips are to pancakes what bacon is to eggs. This no-brainer recipe follows the chocolate chip pancake formula, ensuring that every bite of egg is as bacon-y as the next.

— Gail Simmons

Stuffing Hash and Eggs


Happen to have leftover stuffing? Another next-morning idea is to incorporate stuffing into hash and eggs, giving the dish a heartier and seasonal interpretation.

— Emily Jacobs

Sausage and Egg Cupcakes

Anne Dolce

Though it is a sweet idea, this cupcake will not satisfy your sweet tooth. A savory egg cupcake with impeccable presentation makes this breakfast treat a great idea for mom!

Balsamic Fried Eggs

Foreign Cinema bastes their sunny-side up egg in the oil to give it an extra hint of flavor and to help with the cooking process. Their recipe douses the egg in balsamic at the end so the soft flavor of the yolk is contrasted with a bold, vinegar flavor.

— Gayle Pirie and John Clark