Wedding budget


How to Have a Dazzling Wedding on a Budget

You don’t have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to throw an incredible wedding

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime party, and it’s an expensive one. According to The Knot, the average American wedding in 2016 cost over $35,000. For most people in the United States, that’s a hefty down payment on a house or the entire cost of a brand-new car. So spending all of that money on a single event (even if it is the biggest day of your life) can feel frivolous and add stress to your life.

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But being unable or unwilling to spend so much on a wedding brings a horrifying word to mind: cheap. Nobody wants that special day to look "budget," even if you are working on one.

Luckily for the money-conscious couple, there are plenty of ways to trim your wedding budget and still have a day that is worthy of your love. From keeping the guest list intimate to shopping the sales and secondhand market, you can still work in all of the little details that truly make a wedding dazzling without breaking the bank.