The Guiltiest Food Pleasures Of Celebrities

Believe it or not, many of those kale-toting celebrities have a soft spot for junk. From Justin Timberlake's not-so-secret love affair with Taco Bell to the Bieb's obsession with In-N-Out, they all have guilty pleasures that they treat themselves to every now and then. Find out what even the most disciplined celebrities love to order from the snack machine! 


The crazy-for-kale queen was caught red-handed chowing down on a few naughty treats while lounging beside a swimming pool. She discreetly enjoyed bites of fried chicken (but, to be fair, they may be vegan bites), a pot pie, and a sweet dessert. Moral of the story: If Beyoncé can enjoy herself by the pool, you can too!

Justin Bieber

You know the Biebs feels little shame for any of his actions, so we aren't quite sure if he has a food pleasure he actually feels guilty about. But we do know that when this pop star needs a little something, he heads to In-N-Out burger.


Sarah Hyland

Who doesn't love a good slice of pizza? But do you love it so much that you'd walk the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet with pizza as an accessory? Sarah Hyland does, and all we have to say to that is cowabunga, dude!

Scarlett Johansson

The notorious Black Widow may play a tough cookie on screen, but if you put a plate of hot wings in front of this red-hot actress, she'll likely go weak in the knees

Kelly Osbourne

It's no secret that Kelly loves to bake (especially with her famous pals, like T-Swift) but one thing she really can't live without is a tasty cupcake. We mean, can you blame her, though?


Though Rihanna is pretty disciplined when it comes to her diet, her trainer has totally given up on cutting out her favorite guilty pleasure: chocolate ice cream

Chrissy Teigen

Beautiful and talented, this celebrity looks like she wouldn't even consider a sugary mint. However, her weakness is reportedly bacon... and lots of it.

Justin Timberlake

This actor and renowned crooner has no shame about his guilty pleasure. After cleaning house at the People's Choice Awards in 2014, Timberlake went straight to Taco Bell — and even posed with the employees.

Kurt Yaeger

Sons of Anarchy fans, you may remember season five's Greg the Peg as a total badass biker, but the actor behind the cycle does have a weakness. "Two things that are kryptonite to my diet are a bag of nacho cheese Doritos and any form of brownies. If they are in the room, I cannot resist the urge to eat, and eat, and eat these 'foods,' if you can even call them that. My name is Kurt Yaeger, and I am a Doritos/brownieoholic."