5 Biggest Pizza Slices in America

Open wide!

The pizza served at Washington's Jumbo Slice is officially baby-sized.

When it comes to food, bigger isn’t always better. It is, however, more of a showstopper, and implicitly presents us with a challenge: Do you think you can finish it all? In the case of, say, The Big Texan’s giant steak challenge, the vast majority of us can’t, in, fact, finish it all. But when it comes to a pizza slice as big as your head, well, challenge accepted. Here are five of the biggest pizza slices in America.

Koronet Pizza, New York, N.Y.

This pizzeria prides itself on truly gigantic pies, which then get broken down into truly gigantic slices. It’s a Columbia University standby, and a rite of passage for incoming freshmen.

Jumbo Slice Pizza, Washington, D.C.

This place sells exactly what they advertise: one heck of a jumbo slice.

1702 Pizza & Beer, Tucson, Ariz.

Not only are the slices here huge at this University of Arizona favorite, they can be topped with everything from artichoke hearts to hummus.

Cross Bronx Pizza, Bronx, N.Y.

This hidden gem has developed a huge cult following for their massive, inexpensive slices.

Pizza Mart, Washington, D.C.


Pizza Mart has a friendly competition with Jumbo Slice to see who has the bigger slice, but in reality, well, they’re both simply enormous.