A Guide to Hosting a Perfect Puppy Party (Slide Show)

How to host a great party for your favorite pooch and friends



Everyone deserves an extra-special treat on such a momentous occasion, so make sure you keep puppy and human tummies full throughout the party. If you want to treat your star, you can actually make your own puppy treats for them to munch on. Don’t forget to have tons of chow available for all of your dogs in attendance. Of course, a party isn’t anything without a cake! Pile your homemade puppy treats into a cake tower the dogs will love devouring or order a special cake for them to dig into. Your human friends will not appreciate a real dog biscuit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stick with the theme. Serve "hot dogs" that humans will howl for, and puppy cupcakes that will make them wish they had a tail to wag! Just make sure you don’t make the dog treats too appetizing.



For the dogs, you don’t have to worry too much about what to serve them: plain water is just fine. For your human pals, get creative with your cocktails. Serve blue cocktails in a clear bowl and label it "toilet water" out of curious puppies’ reach. You can also label water bottles for kids as "toilet water" so they can be in on the fun, too!



There are so many dog-friendly décor choices for your pup’s party. Turn balloons into adorable puppy faces and stick to a paw prints theme for your linens. If you're thinking of hosting out back, make it a day in the park and use park toys like tennis balls and Frisbees. In any case, you can serve food (both human and dog-friendly) in dog food bowls in different sections of your serving area (so no one makes a snacking mistake).



Pack the ultimate doggy bag for puppies and people! For the dogs, fill cute brown bags with a couple of small toys. Set up an adoption center  for the kids where they can choose a stuffed puppy playmate to take home.



Having a house full of kids and puppies with nothing to do is a host’s worse nightmare. Make sure you have tons of toys for dogs to chew and keep busy with. For the kids, you can have them leash the pups and do relay races in the backyard, or tug-of-war contests with their little puppy friends. For something to do on their own, have the kids build their own dog houses out of blocks or have them paint their own.