Gruesome Cake Photos (Slideshow)

Bloody Beast

Check out this scary stead! We cannot get over the crazy details on this bloody Halloween horse that puts the Headless Horseman to shame. This scary confection is even oozing a tasty drink for guests of the art show.

Tentacle Flapjacks

Could you ever imagine waking up in the morning to a steaming plate of tentacle flapjacks? Uhh, we'll pass. 

Monster Cake

We had a nightmare about this once, where food took its revenge on us hungry food lovers for eating all of their tasty brethren...

Demon Cupcakes

It is bad enough they turned our sweet loveable confection into a nest place for something evil, but did they have to go any make those creepy ears so believable? Oh who are we kidding — we love it!

Evil Cake

And what cake/art show collection would be complete without a scary member of the underworld to nosh on? This confection looks like a real Halloween mask!