Go Green: Recycle Christmas Cards Into Holiday Décor Slideshow


Simple, cute, and kid-friendly! Have your little ones select their favorite card and create a bookmark for them. Use zigzag scissors, decorate with glitter or ribbons, and use it as a place-keeper for those special Christmas stories.

Jar Lids

Gifting homemade cookies, jams, jellies, or other treats this holiday season? Why not give the jar a little holiday spirit too with a holiday scene lid? Trace the lid onto a card with a fun scene on it — Santa, snowman, snowflakes, etc. — and cut out and place on top of the jar before securing the lid. You’ll have the best homemade gift around! 

Card Tree

Looking to dress up that plant in the foyer? Add a little Christmas spirit by attaching your favorite cards from this year’s bunch. It's a great way to display the cards and create a homemade decoration.



Pick your favorite cards that caught your eye this year and preserve them as a decoration. Choose the front scene of one card or cut out parts of multiple cards to make a holiday scene. Frame the cards in a holiday hue such as brushed silver or basic black so the card stands out. Then, save it for next year's holidays as a special decoration.


A must-do for the playroom, around the tree, or around a doorway — a Christmas card garland! Cut cards into circles, punch a hole, and have string running through them. Or, sew a quick stitch to hold the circles together and voilà, the perfect little handmade decoration. 


Start a new tradition. Use cards from 2012 to make a special holiday ornament by cutting out a cute scene and let the little ones get crafty with glitter, ribbons, and embellishments. Write their name and the year on the back and hang on the tree. 

Gift Tags

Take your tags up a notch this year and use your cards for "to" and "from" gift tags. Make them into all shapes and sizes with different cards and add festive ribbons for a fun look.


Spice up your Christmas wreaths with some holiday cards. Attach cards with clothespin to a Christmas wreath, or make your own with wire, wooden circles, or pipe cleaners for little ones. Perfect for a little holiday cheer inside the home.