'Friends' Hangouts: Then and Now (Slideshow)

If the TV show 'Friends' was set in modern-day New York City, we think we’d find the crew at these trendy spots

'Friends' Hangouts: Then and Now

If Friends were set in modern-day New York City, we think we’d find the crew at these trendy spots.

Monica and Rachel’s Apartment — Modern Day NYC Apartment

Then: The girls' apartment, where most of the Friends episodes take place, boasts colorful walls and décor and is pretty sizeable for a New York City apartment, with an extravagant balcony that we wish we had in the city.

Now: An average New York City apartment is half the size, if not smaller, of Monica and Rachel’s apartment but can be just as colorful and homey.

Allesandro’s — Del Posto

Then: Monica is employed as head chef at Allesandro’s for six seasons after impressing the owner with her cooking skills. If not in her apartment, her friends could find her at the up-and-coming Italian restaurant.

Now: Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich's Del Posto in West Village is one of New York City’s favorite spots to sit down for a top-notch Italian meal with excellent service and a classy vibe.

Central Perk — The Roost

Then: The coffee shop Central Perk, colorful and cozy and set on a corner in the Greenwich Village, was the Friends gang’s go-to hangout, whether to grab a quick coffee or lounge around for a bit.

Now: East Village’s The Roost — a coffee shop with a hidden bar — is where the Lower Manhattan crowd go to grab a coffee in the front of the shop or a drink in the back, which they’ll find by passing through a door that leads to a bar filled with leather sofas and lots of booze. 

Joey and Rachel’s First Date Spot — Jack’s Wife Freda

Then: Rachel misses dressing up for first dates, so Joey brings her flowers and they share a fun evening at a classy restaurant.

Now: These days, first dates in the city are had in a more cute-and-casual setting like Jack’s Wife Freda, where the menu is shareable and the cocktails are creative.

Moondance Diner — Ellen’s Stardust Diner

Then: For Monica’s gig at Moondance Diner, a 1950s-themed restaurant lined with old records and décor from the '50s, her waitress outfit consisted of a pinup outfit, complete with a blonde wig and fake breasts.

Now: At Ellen’s Stardust Diner, aspiring stars sing and dance to classic tunes like Elvis and Broadway songs. This 1950s-inspired diner in Times Square, where a model train set circles the room and '50s videos play on TV screens, serves all-American foods like burgers, loaded fries, and malt shakes.