Favorite TV Hangout Spots: Restaurants

Find out what fictional restaurants readers wish they could hang out at

Chokey Chicken, Rocko’s Modern Life

In last place is the Nickelodeon cartoon fast-food chain Chokey Chicken from Rocko’s Modern Life. As part of the innuendo-laden cartoon, the Chokey Chicken was often a sight of mayhem and debauchery, usually involving character Heffer sticking chicken legs up his nose.


Sam's Butcher Shop, The Brady Bunch

The six kids and two parents of this show could not have functioned without the help of the loveable Alice in The Brady Bunch. The housekeeper was suspiciously always running to the butcher shop to spend some time with her honey Sam. Though not quite a restaurant, the shop is a touchstone in the show that the characters are always running to, where they are met with a great joke from the ever-quirky Sam. 

Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack, Lost

Though winning the lottery was possibly the unluckiest thing that ever happened to Hugo Reyes on Lost, he did get to do what every fast-food worker would love to. The former employee bought the place out and thus cemented our dreams of wishing it were real — even if only to meet the new owner!

The Lanford Lunch Box, Roseanne

The hardest working mom on TV was always a force to be reckoned with — especially when she was behind the counter at The Lanford Lunch Box. Whether she was gabbing with the girls or putting her boss Leon in his place, Roseanne always was the crassest waitress of our dreams.

Rachel’s Place (formerly Leroy’s), Family Matters

When Aunt Rachel took over the restaurant in Family Matters, things went from funny to hilarious for the Winslow family. The Steve Urkel extravaganza is only enhanced when his natural clumsiness is met with food service — who wouldn’t be willing to take a pie to the face if Urkel was the one behind the counter?

Edna's Edibles, The Facts of Life

After years of working for no-good Mr. Parker and catering to four unique girls, Mrs. Garette in The Facts of Life took over an old deli shop and created Edna’s Edibles. The little gourmet shop served as another rest stop on the way to learning about life and its many ups and downs. While the lessons are worth wishing it were real, it is Ed’s famous quiches we wish we could take a bite out of.

Holsten's, The Sopranos

If you are going to get whacked, what better place than to die that surrounded by the ones you love with tasty onion rings? Despite the show being one of the most successful series on TV, we can understand why the diner is a little low one the list. After all, who wants to dine where the mob gets murdered?

Honker Burger, Doug

For every '90s kid there is something magical about hearing the phrase, "heading down to the Honker Burger." When Doug Funnie got an offer to grab a shake and stare into the eyes of the lovely Patti Mayonnaise, he found himself at a burger joint we only wish we were cool enough to hang out at. 

The Pie Hole, Pushing Daisies

Dealing with the dead can be daunting on a daily basis, but we love how the main character deals with it: stress baking. They're baked before dawn and we're sure these pies are the finest fruity confections, so wouldn’t mind pulling up a stool to dig into some at The Pie Hole.

Goodburger, All That

There cannot be a person in this world who doesn’t wish they got a Goodburger welcoming in real life. With characters behind the fryer like Kenan and Kel, you’d be laughing your way to tasty chain-restaurant meals in no time!

The Hub, That 70’s Show

If the cast of That 70’s Show wasn’t in "the circle" or Eric’s basement, they were all meeting up at The Hub for a bite to eat and dim-witted banter. Over the years The Hub underwent noticeable construction and in the early years, famous comedian Mitch Hedberg tended the counter/sold marijuana to the cast members. The terrible service and pretty average food might not have been too appealing, but it would have been cool to run into the gang there!

Archie Bunker's Place, All in the Family

The loose-lipped, crass Archie Bunker owned his own bar and restaurant where family members and people in his world would pass through and make life "miserable" for the old grump. We would love to be able to pull up a stool at Archie’s place to watch the antics!

Artie's, The Sopranos

Artie is Tony Soprano’s longtime friend from childhood who is always on the cusp of getting involved with "the business." Though Tony had the original restaurant firebombed, Artie begins to manage the upscale restaurant Nuovo Vesuvio, which the "family" frequents for fine dining. We definitely wouldn’t want to be in the middle of the family activity, but Artie’s cooking must be great if it can satisfy a mafia mogul.

Bronto Burger, The Flintstones

If the Bronto Burger were to exist today, it’d probably be a cool hipster spot where only the best of Bedrock would frequent. The burger joint appeared in the ending credits of every show, and if it were up to us, we’d definitely be going home with those huge dinosaur ribs slathered in barbecue sauce. 

Nemo’s Pizza, Everybody Loves Raymond

It's known for its poor hygiene and less-than-enthusiastic staff, but having a bite at Nemo’s is a tradition for the Barones. One time, brother and officer Robert Barone even stopped an armed robbery there. The place perfectly encapsulates everything we love about a pizzeria, and even though the sanitation is questionable, we would love to grab a slice there!

Chubbies’ Famous, Boy Meets World

Since the early days of Boy Meets World, a trip to Chubbies’ after school or on Friday night was a staple. This is not only the site where Sean and Corey had a dozen heart-to-hearts, but this is where everyone either went on a date or met to break up. Corey even told Topanga that he loved her there. With so many emotional moments, no wonder readers wish it were real!

Mel’s Diner, Alice

In the reader’s top five is Mel’s Diner, home to three sassy waitresses and one cheap cook. While Alice had only planned to stay a bit while passing through on her way to a singing career, she ended up giving us five seasons' worth of memories. Though, we doubt the readers wish this place were real for the food. 

Luke's Diner, Gilmore Girls

Where else can you get a great cup of coffee in the sleepy town of Stars Hollow? The Gilmore ladies frequented this fine establishment daily for the great breakfast and even better service from the broody diner owner. We would definitely be happy to eat at Luke’s, especially if Luke himself was there to, ahem, serve us. 

Monk's, Seinfeld

A place must be good if a gang goes there literally every day of their lives. The world of Seinfeld always comes back to this classic eatery. While there is a real restaurant that Monk's is based off of, we just wish we could visit the fictional Monk's for a cup of coffee (or soup).


The Max, Saved by the Bell

What is cooler than an after-school hot spot that has a waiter who moonlights as a magician? Coming in at the second spot on our list is The Max: the ultimate spot to hang out with your friends and eat a ton of great fries. The best schemes were cooked up at The Max and gave us a place to watch our favorite teenagers get into everything from dance-offs to dates!

Arnold’s, Happy Days

At the number-one spot is the classic teen hang out, Arnold’s of Happy Days. There is something comforting about the fact that this hip joint made the top of the list, that after all of these years we still remember the Fonz hitting that jukebox with more swag than any modern hip-hop star. Not only did this show pave the way for ultimate hangout spots, taking a look at the food they served alone is enough to make you wish it were real; we bet those burgers were up there with the best in America

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