Drinking Games Grown-Ups Can Play Without Feeling Silly

Say goodbye to beer pong and hello to these fun games


Board games + drinking = a good time for all!

No party would be complete without games, of course. And everyone knows that the best kind of games are drinking games. Drinking games are a great way to get a little alcohol in your system, engage with party guests around you, and have an insane amount of fun.

But the drinking games you played in college and throughout your early twenties can start to feel, well, disgusting and a bit juvenile after a while. When you think about games like beer pong, quarters, or flip cup, they all feel unhygienic and frantic.

So to help you still have a sufficiently fun time but with a (slightly) mature twist, we’ve gathered our three favorite post-graduate drinking games for your next event:

It’s like the classic board game Battleship, but with shots (duh). Create your own Battleshot board by crafting two 10-by-10 grids, both with the numbers zero through nine on the top axis and letters A through J on the side axis, separated by a divider. You can create this board with old (non-greasy) pizza boxes, a few pieces of sturdy wood, or construction paper and some folders (if you’re not too crafty).

To play, create five “ships” in the spirit of Battleship (one two-shot ship, two three-shot ships, one four-shot ship, and one five-shot ship) and arrange them on your board. Then fill the shot glasses with booze. Play a normal game of Battleship, but when one of your ships sinks, take the shots.

If you’re not looking to totally destroy your life, play this game with beer, wine, or a mixed drink instead of pure liquor. Nobody needs to take 15 shots in one evening.

Drunken Jenga
This classic tower-building game gets an adult-approved makeover, and all you need is a marker. Take an old Jenga set, and on each block write a different drinking game command — chug for five seconds, take a shot, ladies/men drink, pick a partner, etc.

Then, play a regular ol’ game of Jenga, pulling out blocks one by one and building the tower taller and taller. When you successfully pull out a block, follow whatever action is on your block. If you fail and the tower crumbles, you need to finish off your drink.

All you need for a round of Kings (also known as King or Queen Card) is a standard deck of playing cards. Then, assign each card a different meaning or mini-drinking game — ace equals waterfall, two means you drink, three means me, four is for “floor” (whoever points to the floor last drinks), and so on.

In the center, place a can of beer, which is known as the “king’s cup.” After each card is drawn and played, stick it underneath the tab of the beer can. Keep playing and stacking cards under the tab until the can tab “pops.” Whoever is responsible for breaking the deal has to chug the beer.