Dressing Your Home with Fall Florals

The Harvest season offers a warmth of color for your home.

A home without flowers, is a pretty empty home.

Longer nights, paint brush colored leaves, blustery winds and the crispness in the air are only a few ways Mother Nature lets us know summer has faded away and autumn has breezed in. No other season beats the vibrant colors and the abundance of floral variety as fall, not to mention the amazing smells of the season. Fall evokes a nostalgic sense of excitement. It marks the kickoff to the holidays and more time at home with family and friends — which means more entertaining at home. So, dress your home for the fall and flaunt your blossoming floral knowledge and use of coloration.

The Chrysanthemum (mum) used to be known as “the official fall flower,” but not anymore. There are so many stunning varieties of fall flowers that make it easy to step outside of the “mum comfort zone.” Flowers have the capacity to transmit emotion, so, express yourself through the diversity of flowers.  With more than 270,000 different blooming choices, you shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect floral combination. Some of the most popular fall flowers are roses, sunflowers, lilies, carnations, and of course, the mum — all of which are spectacular fall choices. By adding varieties like delphinium, tulips, dahlias, coxcomb, and thistle, you give your artistic design a pop of energetic color, and by using an array of flowers it gives your design nice textural appeal. Utilizing filler flowers, such as, solidago, wax flower, or bright purple statice will help fill out your arrangement and cover any bare spots in your design.


Remember to be creative. Instead of using a vase you can use a hollowed out pumpkin as your container or you could even harness hollowed apples in contrasting autumnal colors for a gorgeous seasonal display to house your flowers. Small accent pieces, like, dried autumn leaves, cattails, wheatgrass, maze corn, gourds, and bowls of seasonally colored fruit (like, apples, pomegranates, or pomanders) are great and inexpensive ways to bring the harvest-time indoors while adding a splash of that cool-weather color. All of these items can be found at your local florist. The key is to be innovative with your floral and décor choices, while still taking advantage of the time old fall classics.