Decorate Your Own Easter Eggs at Home Slideshow

Chalkboard Eggs

These adorable eggs are kid-friendly, while still maintaining a chic rustic look.

Egg Fortune

Not only do these eggs look adorable on the outside, but they’re filled with a special surprise inside — a fortune! Check out this tutorial to make your own fortune eggs. 

Natural Dyes

Try your hand at a more natural approach to dying Easter eggs by using coffee, blueberries, onions, and more kitchen ingredients to create unique colors.


One of the year’s biggest trends makes its way to Easter! Dip an egg in the dye, and then add a little bit water before you do it again. Repeat and voilà — ombre!

Pantone Eggs

Color lovers unite, this one is for you — dye and label each colored egg according to the Pantone color-matching system!

Mark It

Get as intricate as you want with these Sharpie eggs, a mess-free decorating idea that still packs a big punch.

Wrap it Up

Pick a few spools of your favorite colored thread and wrap some strands around the eggs. Mix and match for a bright springtime look!