Cooking Comically at Comic Con (Slideshow)

We sit down with Tyler Capps to chat cooking and comics

Recipe Begins

Tyler Capps, creator of Cooking Comically, explains his process: "I explain recipes through a sequential format and include the silly antics of a stick man."

Step 1

This recipe, "Bolognese for Days," is featured on Capps' website, His book, "Cooking Comically," just went on sale this month

Step 2

 Angus Cook has a unique approach to preparing food. "He's just a silly host that likes power tools, dancing and cooking," Capps said.

Step 3

Taking pictures of food for a photography class is partially what inspired "Cooking Comically."

Step 4

"At first [I measure ingredients] very precisely but once I get the recipe down I just throw it in," said Capps.

Step 5

"I've been drawing for a lot longer than I've been cooking. I've always drawn comics about what I've been into at the time and I got into cooking a few years ago and it just kind of came together."

Step 6

Capps gets his recipe ideas "from all over the place." Some are adapted family recipes. Some are just off the top of his head.

Step 7

"Most of the time [recipes] come from me figuring out something I want to eat and then reading a whole bunch of different recipes and just blending them all together."

Step 8

Capps' recipes often offer suggestions for what to do while you're waiting for food to cook. Here Angus is dressed as the main character from the video game "Assassin's Creed 2," which is set in Italy.

Final Step

 Capps' advice for new cooks? "Pick out your favorite food, and find a recipe for that food, and just cook it over and over and over again until you don't even need to look at the recipe anymore. Then once you've got that down, pick another recipe and cook it [too]."