Clean Your Floors With a Loaf of Bread and 19 More Ways to Clean With Food

Forget Scrubbing Bubbles; scrub with bread bowls

Why use lemon-scented products when you can just use real lemons?

Let’s be real for a few seconds here: Nobody actually enjoys cleaning the house. Though the end product is always beyond satisfying, the journey of scrubbing your counters, vacuuming your carpets, making your dishes sparkling and shiny, and getting the buildup out of the grout in your tub is a big chore.

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Not only is cleaning your home time-consuming and exhausting, it can also be pretty expensive. Name brand cleaning products such as Lysol, Scrubbing Bubbles, and Pledge will cost you a pretty penny. But there’s a simple way to save money on supplies and use up some of your kitchen scraps and common pantry staples: cleaning with food.

It may seem totally bonkers to wipe down your microwave with a lemon, spray your smelly clothes with vodka, or polish your furniture with flat beer, but many cleaning products use chemicals and dozens of ingredients attempting to replicate what these products can naturally do. Why pay extra money for shoe polish when a banana peel will do the exact same job?

Plus, we all love a good lifehack.

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