Celebrity Go-To Party Recipes Slideshow


Melissa McCarthy

Chris Pizsello

"Im a good roaster," the Academy Award nominee has said of her vegetable skills.

Hugh Jackman


Went this Broadway stunner wants a hint of Korea on his plate, he doesnt need to go far. His favorite recipe, ginger fried rice, is a staple of chef Jean-Georges and wife Marja Vongerichten.

Nikki Reed


The Twilight star and newlywed swears by a recipe from her husband's family. Buttermilk fried chicken is a favorite of her and her husband, American Idol alum Paul McDonald — it’s his grandmother’s recipe!

Rose Byrne

Flickr/Eva Rinaldi

The actress is super impressive with a "spinach pie made from scratch," according to Allure.

Kellan Lutz

Flickr/Eva Rinaldi

A man of many sauces, the Twilight saga star swears by condiments. He mixes barbecue sauce, soy, honey, and hot sauce to make an interesting blend. "Its all about making a concoction and then naming it," he said in a recent interview.

Kate Winslet


The Oscar-winning actress and mother of two learned from the best when it came to her beloved roast chicken recipe, which she learned for her role in Mildred Pierce. "Tom Colicchio taught me how to section up a chicken. His technique was quite old-fashioned," she told Allure.


The Help actress mentioned in a recent interview that she makes a "very good mushroom risotto."

Julianne Moore


The red-haired bombshell told Allure that she makes something called tofu soup.

Meryl Streep


What does one of the greatest actresses of our time serve up when shes not shining? "Pie humble pie," she told Allure.