'Boyfriend' Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Their Romantic Dates Around the World Slideshow


Bieber and Gomez dined at Los Angeles hot spot Geisha House for Gomez's birthday; onlookers watched as Bieber fed her maki rolls. 



A repeat order for the couple, Bieber and Gomez have dined at many a steakhouse, like Mastro's in Los Angeles and have eaten many cuts, including filet mignon and sirloin. During their vacation in Brazil, the two went to a churrascaria, where they tasted all types of meat.  


Bieber and Gomez had a Subway picnic at Griffith Park after picking up sandwiches at the downtown Los Angeles location. Bieber later said in a radio interview that picnic dates are his favorite.

Jamba Juice

Bieber and Gomez shared a little more than a smoothie at Jamba Juice during a late-night trip to Disneyland.

Penne Alfredo


Bieber and Gomez discreetly ordered room service from STK up to their room at The Gansevoort Hotel in Miami in September 2010. What did they choose? Penne with Alfredo sauce and ginger ale.

Big Mac

Fast-food junkies Bieber and Gomez hit up McDonald’s while visiting New York. The duo both ordered Big Macs and fries, while Bieber asked for extra ketchup on the side! 


Comfort Food

Avid visitors of Hooters, a big plus for Bieber, the two usually get wings, curly fries, soup, and sodas. 


Bieber and his grandfather took Gomez on a tour of his favorite candy shop, Rheo Thompson Candies, in Bieber's hometown of Stratford, Ontario, in Canada. The two tasted vanilla caramels and Bieber made Gomez try his favorite, a mint chocolate smoothie.


On Bieber's 17th birthday, March 1, 2011, the couple picked up Pinkberry after perusing Louis Vuitton and Dolce and Gabbana at The Beverly Center in Los Angeles.



Bieber and Gomez and their two bodyguards hunted down the secret New York-style pizza spot inside The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas and had a few slices.


Bieber peruses the menu of his favorite comfort food spot.


Bieber and Gomez venture to IHOP very often, even going for pancakes on National Pancake Day.

Jamba Juice

Bieber and Gomez shared a passionate kiss at Disneyland's Jamba Juice during a late night visit.

J'adore L'Avenue

After being hounded by fans and paparazzi, Bieber and Gomez had a PDA-filled lunch while diners looked on.

Siam Inn

Laying low in New York, Bieber and Gomez hit Thai spot Siam Inn with a group of friends.


After picking up sandwiches from a Subway in downtown Los Angeles, Bieber and Gomez had a mini picnic at Griffith Park.


Big meat eaters, Bieber and Gomez ventured to Mastro's in Los Angeles after the Abduction movie premier. They both had filet mignon.