Appetizers You Won't Believe Are Under 100 Calories per Serving

Delicious and decadent, these appetizers are a treat without a high calorie count
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Your guests will never guess how low-cal these appetizers are.

When you and your friends are leaving a party, you are guaranteed to talk about at least three things: the people, the place, and the food. The decorations, the cocktails — all of that is important, but what really makes a party a success is the right group of people, the perfect environment, and inarguably delicious fare.

Appetizers You Won't Believe Are Under 100 Calories per Serving

From appetizers to dinner party menus, party food has to satiate and impress. Every host and hostess worries about their party foods, doing the best they can to dazzle their guests with an impressive menu.

However, the truth is that those delicious little nibbles can leave us guilt-ridden for the rest of the weekend. Not every tasty party treat has to be a morsel of regret. There are plenty of appetizers you can enjoy that are well under 100 calories per serving. From selections like crostini to familiar dips like guacamole, these party foods will keep you fueled for a fun night while being merciful on your waistline — and great for your overall health.

 Bacon Wrapped Dates

“Two of these delicious salty, crunchy, and sweet appetizers will leave you feeling completely satisfied. They’re great for an energy boost — and they’re heart healthy. Dates promote digestive health and relieve constipation.” (Serving size: 2)

Kristin Sollenne, nutritionist, celebrity chef, and TV personality

Cocktail Shrimp


Cocktail shrimp, even with a touch of sauce, are well under 100 calories a serving. They are also low in fat, making them an ideal snack for your healthy party plate. (Serving size: 5)