9 Times Disney Characters Got Drunk (Slideshow)

See which Disney characters couldn’t resist knocking back a few drinks

Dumbo Gets Drunk

We wish we could get away with Dumbo’s excuse when we’ve had too much to drink! "I swear I thought it was a bucket of water!" We are thankful, however, that we do not see pink dancing elephants after we’ve knocked a few back!

Mickey Gets Drunk

Mickey Mouse, we didn’t know you had it in you, you sly devil. In one of Mickey’s first color films, The Gallopin' Gaucho, Mickey waltzes into a tavern as a wanted man, lights up a cigar, and knocks back a beer. He then proceeds to seduce Minnie Mouse with a tango so scintillating that another brute tries to whisk her away. Mickey of course tries to valiantly rescue her, but his ostrich steed also had one too many to drink and ends up riding poor Mickey into battle instead of providing the hero with a lift!

Pluto Gets Drunk

Typical men — you leave them home with the kids and they can’t keep it together for five minutes. When Pluto has to care for his "quinpuplets," a bottle of "xx" beer tips over, and Pluto can’t help but to resist the temptation. He guzzles down the drink while the pups run amuck until mom gets home.

Smee Gets Drunk

What else do you expect from a mangy pirate? Poor Smee could probably use a drink, though — after all, Captain Hook doesn’t exactly make his first mate’s life easy. 

Gaston Gets Drunk

Feeling sorry for himself, Gaston retreats to the local pub after getting rejecting by Belle. And like any good barflies, the local drinkers pour a plethora of ale to make him feel better!

Donald Duck Gets Drunk

What the heck did Donald down? The poor duck was so blitzed that he got on an animatronic plane and took off while turning three shades of green. Where are his drinking buddies?

Uncle Waldo in the 'Aristocats'

The goose isn’t afraid to guzzle. At least Disney doesn’t cover this one up with hiccup bubbles! Poor Uncle Waldo is drunk as a skunk and really can’t keep it together!

101 Dalmatians Get Drunk

Horace and Jasper, the devilish crooks in 101 Dalmatians, are helping themselves to plenty of drinks in the scene where Cruella De Vil is scolding them for not axing the puppies. We can’t blame them. If our boss was like that we’d need a few drinks, too!

Sleeping Beauty Gets Drunk

OK, so the princess herself doesn’t get wasted, but her father and his trusty entertainment sure do know how to toast to an occasion!