5 Fun Ways To Use Social Media For Your Summer Cookout

You have the buns and burgers, but you can't have a summer cookout without a hashtag on the grill. Television shows, billboards, and even restaurants all keep the conversation going with the right hashtag. One thing social media fanatics have proven is that hashtags bring communities together. Think TV addicts (and the conversations happening at #topchef and #scandal) or food lovers (who connect over #foodies).

5 Fun Ways to Use Social Media for Your Summer Cookout

Your summer barbecue needs a hashtag, too. Capture the best moments of your social event on social media — whether you're Snapchatting the steps you take to create your signature cocktail, Instagramming the blueberry pie you baked, or tweeting the décor from your garden party.

Keep the hashtag fun but short. It should stay consistent throughout all social media platforms. When hosting a summer cookout, you're the disc jockey, the grillmaster, the mixologist, and the host. The hashtag will allow your friends to be the photographer and join the conversation.


Fun ways to use social media.