9 Ready-Made Superbowl Appetizers Worth Serving (Slideshow)

Don’t miss one play by relying on these great go-to frozen appetizers


Maybe plain fries don’t scream “Super Bowl” but when you add a cheesy nacho layering on them they sure do! Make this dish a little easier by buying the fries frozen and slathering on the toppings before the game starts!

Mozzarella Sticks

For those of us who do not have a deep frying or lack the patience for bread-and-bake, frozen mozzarella sticks are the way to go.  These easy appetizers from Farm Rich require very little effort, just make sure that you follow the instructions so your sticks don’t ooze cheese before they are ready to eat!


We know what you are thinking, but hear us out. What if we told you that there were gourmet level sliders that existed and you didn’t have to run around town looking for those tiny burger buns? Oh good, we have your attention. Now check out these applewood smoked bacon and cheddar mini burgers from the Perfect Bite Co. This delicious little mini is packed with flavor and will fool all of your guests into thinking you spent hours constructing these tasty sliders!

Pigs in a Blanket

By simply heating up your oven, you can get Coney Island’s famous hot dog purveyor Nathan’s to practically cater your party. These little pigs in a blanket are all beef franks wrapped in bagel dough and are perfect to dip in an assortment of condiments to make your Super Bowl Sunday a little easier!

Onion Rings


Again, who wants to waste time breading and frying when there is football to watch? You can customize these Ore-Ida onion rings with homemade dips and sauces that will take even less time then it will to make the rings!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip

Nothing goes over better than a bowl of spinach and artichoke dip . For game-day fans this addictive dip is frequently visited between quarters. While it isn’t particularly hard to make, it does require a ton of waiting time. Between thawing, cooking, draining and cooling just the spinach alone, you’ve wasted 20 minutes just prepping the first step. Instead, popping T.G.I. Friday’s spinach and artichoke dip into the oven or microwave. With three cheeses and a alfredo sauce, your guests will be too busy gobbling it down to notice it wasn’t homemade!

Popcorn Chicken

We know you’ve already ordered your favorite buffalo wings, but if you have little ones at the party it is likely that they won’t be going near that spicy stuff. Instead of rushing around to make small bites for the little guys, make easy popcorn chicken, like Tyson’s brand, in the oven. With “restaurant style breading” the little gourmands will happily scarf down this delicious finger food.

Potato Skins

Everyone loves potato skins, but anytime you involve potatoes there is a  long process ahead. These delicious skins from T.G.I. Friday’s are perfect for quick game-day indulgences!


Could anything in the world bring you back to your formative college years than taquitos? With a wide variety of selections, El Monterey’s frozen taquitos are perfect for game-day fare. From chicken to steak these tasty finger foods are perfect for noshing on at the game!